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Profit on Weed

We grow - you earn

Invest and earn income from Thailand's legal cannabis crop through asset-linked NFTs and affiliate programs
In June 2022, the Kingdom of Thailand fully legalized the production, storage and use of cannabis
Green Grow Pharmaceuticals is officially registered in Thailand as a legal entity. We have all the necessary licenses and pay taxes in full
Industrial complex with an area of more than 1,500 sq. m. Productivity from 4,600 plants per cycle
Closed microclimate by HVAC system
Own research center
Seeds from the best breeding companies
drip irrigation technology
We grow elite varieties of cannabis with the use of high technology, and sell it wholesale and retail in Thailand, the USA and Canada
Perfect value for money
Green Grow Pharmaceuticals produces elite cannabis in Thailand. Products of similar quality are introduced from abroad and cost 10 times as much!
Profitable sales
Thailand is a rapidly growing market for cannabis-containing products. We cooperate with a large number of outlets in Thailand and plan to export to the USA and Canada
Unique Research
We conduct research and selection work to improve the quality and reduce the price of the product.
Advantages Profit on Weed
Income from real production
Reliable business within the framework of a stable Thailand economy
High return on investment - From 24% to 80% per annum
"Easy Entry" - minimum investment $50
Guaranteed return of the deposit in a year. NFT at the base cost is redeemed by the company.
CEO project Nikita Ryabin
Entrepreneur with 18 years of manufacturing experience, innovative engineer
Member Forbes
Founder of the investment project Profit on Weed
Founder of the Sports Facilities "Legend"
Telegram channel Founder "Anti-crisis financial management"
IT project Founder Weed Finder (mobile app)
Media project Founder Thai Expat
Why do we need investments?
For a strong start and quick scaling
To conduct our own research, allowing us to offer the market a unique product
Capturing the best niches before competitors take them
To enter the international market
Why do we need native token and NFT?
Thanks to the rights assigned to weed-NFT owners, interaction with investors will be simple, transparent and secure.
Project Roadmap
June 2022
  • Legalization of cannabis in Thailand
September 2022
  • Incorporation of Green Grow Pharmaceuticals company
November-December 2022
  • Purchase of an indoor farm
  • Launching of the first germination cycle for stock plants
  • Bedding of 500 cannabis stock plants
February-March 2023
  • Launch of Profit on Weed investment platform
  • Commencement of proprietary NFTs sales
  • Launch of the first cycle of adult plants growing
April 2023
  • Start of the GGP research center operation
  • Conclusion of sales contracts for the crops
May 2023
  • Exploration of new cultivation technologies
  • GGP becomes the official representative of SunPlus and GemmaCert brands in the Kingdom of Thailand
Summer 2023
  • Start of strawberry cultivation
  • Start of production of cannabis extracts
  • Start of sales of cannabis clones from GGP to other farms
Autumn 2023
  • Production of various types of branded packaging and finished products
  • Launch of the second production complex with 30,000 plants in Naghon Phanom province
  • Second and third cannabis harvests
2024 year
  • Production of high-purity cannabis extracts for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Launch of production of cosmetics, dietary supplements, medicines based on cannabis and other medicinal plants
  • Participation in international exhibitions and access to international markets
Year 2026
  • Company enters NASDAQ, IPO stock exchanges
Earn with us on legal cannabis production in Thailand!
Profits from legal cannabis production
Profitable affiliate program
Native token and NFT
Income up to 80% per year
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